GC Column

1.  Environmental Analysis
2.  Drug Analysis
3.  Food Analysis

HPLC Column

1.  Various Types of HPLC Columns (Hypersil, Hypurity, Syncronis,......) 
2.  Numerous Stationary Phases (C18, C8, Amino, Silica,......)    

SGT Gas Filter

1. Ultra-high capacity
2. High-purity output ensures 99.9999% Pure gas
3. “Quick connect“ fittings for easy, leak-tight cartridge changes
4. Glass inside to prevent diffusion; plastic outside for safety
5. Easy-to-read indicators

ILS Microsyringe

1.  Liquid and Gas Dispensing      
2.  Head Space Analysis       
3.  On-Column Injection
4.  GC-Autosampler (Agilent, CTC, Shimadzu, Perkin Elmer, Thermo)

Air Filters

1.  Diameter: 50mm
2.  Housing: PP
3.  Membrane Types: PTFE
4.  Pore Size: 0.2um
*Made in Taiwan

Vials and Closures

Autosampler Vials, Closures and Inserts for HPLC and GC
1. Crimp/ Screw Top Vials and Closures (2ml, 4ml,......)
2.Crimp/ Screw Caps and Septa

Septa, Ferrules

1. Apply to all kinds of GC and GC/ MS (Agilent, Thermo……)
2. High Sensitivity