Corporation Info

Corporation Name:Widetron Technologies Corp.


Widetron Technologies Corporation was founded in February 27, 2007 at Kaohsiung, and later in October 20, 2009 it was relocated to Taipei city, Taiwan respectively. The prime objectives of the company are in the research area of life science, chemical analysis and, research and development for innovation of instruments and technology. To line with its major ideals, the company has established training of scientists to accommodate new research in instrumentation. This has eventually leaded to filing of a large number of patents in this area. The company believes in corporative work with high world class research institutes and universities in the relevant departments which not only bridge collaborations between industry and universities but also zealously encourage young scientist towards new endeavors in the field of science and technology. As we move ahead, in the beginning of the year 2010, the company initiated collaborative projects with Professor Jentaie Shiea research group, in the department of chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Professor Jentaie Shiea group is well known national and international level and has rigorously engaged in novel research towards the development of new ion source technology in mass spectrometry. The application domains of the group is moving with various ambient pressure ionization sources research, in which ionization of gaseous, liquid and solid sample could be possible at atmosphere pressure rather than in a high vacuum environment. Ambient pressure ionization source may be encouraging for all sorts of pretreatments and will lead to, accuracy and high speed sample analysis, using mass spectrometers like single quad/Triple quad MS, Ion Trap, TOF. Currently, high accuracy, speed and mobility are challenging which comes under high entreaty for chemical analysis and technology.

Therefore, to solve the new challenges and problems, Widetron Technologies Corporation in collaboration with Professor Jentaie Shiea group which is continually engaged in developing mass spectrometer of Ambient Pressure Ionization source (APESI/Ion Trap) on a dynamic platform.
In the broad spectrum, Widetron Technologies Corporation follow high world class standard research and development in the following field of science and technology:

1.Food safety
2.Drug Abuse
3.Pesticide and Veterinary Drug residues
4.Process monitoring
5.Environmental monitoring
6.Homeland security